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About Groundwater Geoscience

Based in Queensland, Groundwater Geoscience (GWGS) is a hydrogeological and geophysical consultancy providing advice and solutions suited to the needs and issues of each individual client. There is no “one size fits all” solution when dealing with the sub-surface, therefore advice is tailored to suit each individual client. GWGS has the required expertise, experience and knowledge to provide your groundwater and geophysics solutions.

"GWGS is passionate about providing clear solutions that can be understood by specialist and non-specialists alike and committed to carrying them out with a high degree of professionalism."

-Mission Statement-

Services Offered

  • Groundwater resource evaluation, bore locations and design, drilling supervision, contract management and reporting.
  • Bore and borefield auditing to assess whether bores and aquifer are performing efficiently and sustainably.
  • Pump testing and data analysis for aquifer properties, to evaluate bore efficiency and determine sustainable abstraction volumes from bores / borefields.
  • Groundwater modelling and aquifer protection studies.
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA) for groundwater and regulatory approvals.
  • Potash (and other) brine assessments.
  • Managed aquifer recharge project evaluation and planning.
  • Groundwater dependent ecosystem (GDE) evaluation and monitoring.
  • Hydrogeological, geochemical and geophysical data processing, interpretation and reporting.
  • Design and execution of groundwater monitoring programs.
  • Geophysics (both surface and borehole) for groundwater, mining, construction, contamination and environmental applications.

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